Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 4th No Pantie Wednesday

Well today Goddess wanted to where my new large Pink Crystal Butt Plug.  I was to insert it at midnight.  It did take a little more effort than the small one.  It also was more than double the weight.  Well during the night while sleeping it was trying to slip inside. So I removed it for awhile then reinserted it for the day at work.  Since it was heavier it never tried to slip inside.  Must have been just while laying on my side the weight did not keep it from sliding in during the night. It seems comfortable while wearing it.  The whole time all I could think about was Goddess and how I serve and how she owns me.

I so look forward to more advance training for Goddess.  She is the most wonderful Goddess.  I so look forward to my continued training.  Though sometimes I wonder where she is going to take me I do so love not knowing.  I just wish we could have our time like we use to.  Well until Sunday I hope Goddess is happy with me.

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26th

Well the weekend is coming to and end.  I must post to my blog as I must do as Goddess commands me to do.It was a different week, as always I have to wear my new Pink Crystal Butt Plug on No Pantie Wednesday.  I was instructed to have it in place just after Midnight for the start of No Pantie Wednesday this week by Goddess.  It was going good as normal but in the morning at work it was trying to slip all the way inside of me.  I think wearing my other butt plug to sleep all the time in my butt is getting stretched out from my original self so it is easier to insert.  Since the Pink Crystal Butt Plug is so small it is actually was slipping inside when it should stay on the outside. So I had to remove it and go without the rest of the day for fear it would slide all the way inside and get stuck.  When I talked to Goddess later I told her about what had happen and that I would need to get the larger one.  She agreed and would need to save and get it soon.  I then told Goddess that I would be ordering it that night.  This made Goddess very happy and me to because I would be able to wear the Pink Crystal Butt Plug again as Goddess ordered.  Though now it would be larger and heavier.  It will probably take some time getting use to.  The small one was so easy since I had been wearing a larger one to bed almost nightly, and the small Pink Crystal Butt Plug was smaller it just slipped in.

Now I did get to have a session with Goddess this week.  It was a group session with another submissive on Skye and yahoo im.  We did not do a lot except play with ourselves and smoke, it was rather fun though. I do look forward to my next session with Goddess.  I hope it will be more of a one on one next time but if Goddess wants it to be a three way again I would be open. I would be open even if it was another Domme if Goddess asked.

Well I look forward to the up coming week.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 18th

Well it another week of training. Goddess has been continually quizzing me a couple of phrases.  She says "something bimbo knows" and I reply cravings grow.  That is the craving to please Goddess, to want to pleasure male cocks, to become more girly girl, giggly, horny, sexy, shapelier, glammy, and obedient to to Goddess.  We did have a session Friday night but I don't think we played because I did not find and remnants of it in the morning.  So it must have been training for the most part.

I know there is something that I am to be adding to my post but I just can't think of it.  I don't think I was to remember doing it.  Goddess will probably need to re-enforce that some how.  Oh how I want to please goddess.  She did have me do two things this week.  First was wear my 'Pink Crystal Butt Plug all day on No Pantie Wednesday.  Which I proceeded to wear the rest of the night and into the next day till noon.  Thursday I had to wear my rope bra all day and was told to make it tight.  Then Saturday night I was to wear my Pink Crystal Butt Plug that night.  Goddess is really liking the new plug.  I'm sure it will not be long before I will be buying to larger one.

Goddess is so happy with my success I am having at the gym.  I am so happy myself.  I can't wait for more results it just motivates me more.  I sure hope I get to play with Goddess soon.  Till next week.

It really is bugging me that I know I am to post something with this weeks blog but can't remember what.  I am sure Goddess will make sure I remember.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 11th

This week Mistress has been very visible to me.  I was hoping to talk with her before Wednesday but with my computer problems was not able to.  So I wore my jeweled butt plug all day again on No Panty Wednesday.  Hopefully Mistress will be pleased.  At least this time I was not as raw.

I will comment more to this post on Sunday.

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 4th

Well Mistress is not going to be very happy with me. This post is quit late.  I have be having a number of issues with my computer.  I believe I have them all worked out now.  Even though this is for last week I know I have to still post again on Sunday.

As for last week it was fun. I am now wearing Mistress's A's now for over a week and they are beginning to feel more comfortable.  What was fun last week was wearing my new jeweled butt plug.  I had made a comment to Mistress and I ended up wearing it all day and evening on No Pantie Wednesday.  It was fun knowing I was doing for Mistress.  However I found that I had some hairs around my backdoor and it became apparent by 10:00 am.  They kept getting pulled.  I must say by the time I arrived home I had to pull it out and do a quick shave  so the evening would go better.  I did throughout the day have to remove it to use the bathroom.  But immediately reinserted it.  I was to wear it all day.  I have to say I was a little raw back there by the end of the day and felt it for 2 more days.

Now Mistress has not told me if there will be any other days or times I will be using it.  However she did infer that I eventually will feel what it is like to wear the larger one.  Though I have not purchased that one yet.  I am sure it will be pink also.

Well till next week.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29th

Well I screwed up again by missing my blog deadline.  I have tried to beg for forgiveness from Mistress but all she asked is it done and then it must be done by Midnight.  I really have been trying to be good.  I have finally gotten my pink jeweled butt plug after some confusion with the company I ordered though.  I have my nipple stirrups, and the A's to hang from them.  I have been coming to attention when asked .  even if I am in the living room with others.  So I hope my good deeds don't get over looked in this.

I did have a fun session with Mistress.  She once again put me into trance and had me doodling on myself.  She also had me post to my fetlife profile a number of pics and a video.  I was shocked by all of it.  Mistress really has me wrapped around her finger when she wants to.  She is always making strides in my bimbo training.  I continue to wonder where it will go but then think who cares I want to be a bimbo and have fun. I also spent one day at work with bells hanging from  my nipple stirrups it was so much fun bouncing down the stairs or just jiggling my bewbs and listen to the ringing of the bells.  I even took pictures while at work to show Mistress.  We really never talked about it, i wonder if she was happy with me or not.  I t would be nice to talk about.  She also does not want me to just put the A's on.  I so want to hang them on and feel them.  Wonder how noticeable they will be with out a bra on.  Interesting I do think.

Well time to go and let Mistress know I have posted. Til next week.

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 20th

Well it has been an okay week this week.  Mistress made me present a couple of times when it was not the best time but I did present.  Mistress was very cool about it .  I believe we did have a session with Mistress.  It seems weird though because I really don't remember much at all about it.  I have however been working out really hard for Mistress and to have my surgery.  It has not been easy though.  I also have not been able to find the A's to hang from my stirrups.  I might just have to order them from online.

Well really not much to say this week.