Monday, April 14, 2014

April 13th

Well I once again did not get to play with Mistress.  Though I did have one opportunity but was lost by myself.  Mistress was not going to be available till later in the evening.  I had worked out with my trainer earlier that day and was quit sore and tired.  I could not stay awake and missed Mistresses request to train.  Normally we would train during the week so I was not ready even though we talked about it it was not for sure.

She continues to have me wearing my butt plug to bed which is getting easier.  I hope we will be able to train this week.  I am wondering if Mistress is just getting bored with me. 

I am now wearing my stirrups and have bought bells that I can hang from them.  I have not found the A's as of yet.

I still am waiting on my pink crystal butt plug.  I look forward to it.

Well till next week.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6th

Well this week has been a bit different.  Mistress really has not been available to me.  She did have me where my butt plug one night to sleep in.  I know she is pleased with my hair and I told her yesterday that I finnaly have my stirrps for my nipple piercings.  She seemed happy and was interested in looking at them.  But I stepped  away for a second to say good night to my subby.  We really were not having what I thought was a conversation but little notes back and forth with time in between the little blurbs  back and forth.  She then got mad at me  for not asking permission to stay good night to my subby.  I was trying to do it as fast as I could so that all my attention was on her.

As usual I was mistaken and was in trouble.  I have to now remember to ask permission to leave any conversation we are having no matter what. Which is fine but I did not know the rules or if I was told I had forgotten it.  I will have to get the Capital A's to hang from them.  I can't wait.  I also look forward to my pink crystal butt plug when it finnally arrives.  I sure hope to have a session with Mistress soon.  I hope she just is not bored with me and is just putting me off.

Well till next week.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30th

Well this week has been a strange one.  I had several very short conversations with Mistress.  She then would give me orders like wear my  spike bra for and hour.  Then I was to let her know I was removing it.  Then she instructed me to put my put my rope bra on tight.  Later she told me to sleep in it with my butt plug in.  In fact I have slept with it in four days in a row.  I must say it is getting easier to sleep with though.

Mistress then sprung on me that she is growing tied of our sessions and is going to change up what we are going to do.  I really thought she was enjoying them and now find out that she wants to change it.  I have no idea what she has in mind.  Though she is my Mistress and owner.  I have given her free range on how she trains me with  hypnosis.  I was trying to do what ever she wanted but there were times the execution was not the greatest.  Not that I was not trying, because I was trying just sometimes trying to do some of the things would have been easier to do to some one else than to one self.

I have ordered the pink jeweled butt plug that mistress wants me to have. I am going to give my piercer one more chance to get me my stirrups for my nipples otherwise I am going to order them online.

I must say I am concerned that Mistress is getting bored with me.  After all it is a long distance relationship.I have been trying harder to please her.  Though sometimes I'm not sure if I could please her no matter what.  However everyone has a bad day.  I guess I will see what the next few weeks will bring.  I am excited and scared at the same time.

Well till next week.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 21st

Well I finally received some of Mistress's limited time last night and had some fun.  I believe Mistress is re-enforcing my bimbo transformation last night because I had a incredible orgasm just by smoking my bimbo stick.Well the evening began like most.   Mistress asked me about my hair and told her that it is to be done today.  That is all the blond will become pink.  I think she can't wait to see it. Then I asked if I could take some puffs of my bimbo stick and she allowed me the privilege.  I know she enjoys watching me but would prefer if it where real cigarettes.  Anyway the next thing I remember is waking up feeling incredibly bubbly, giggly, horny feeling very obedient and submissive and wanting to please Mistress.  But every puff of my bimbo stick was making me so horny.  I  was getting so incredibly horny as I was smoking my bimbo stick.  I so wanted a cock at the time but all I could do is self please myself. until I had incredible orgasm. then it wanted to start all over.  So I put down my bimbo stick.  Then Mistress gave me one final order to sleep with my butt plug in for the night.  Then I said Nighty Night and blew her some smoky kisses and began to get all horny and turned on again and had the most intense orgasm while I was fucking my asse with the plug before it remained in place for the night.  When I woke up this morning it was so wet back there.  I am  so hoping for more of a play session next time.  Don't get me wrong whatever Mistress did to y mind seems to have some very long lasting effects which is what I was hoping for when we started my training.

I hope I will get to talk again tonight with my new pink hair.  Otherwise till next week when we talk next.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 16th

Well this week I really did not get to really do anything with Mistress again but that was probably my fault for being late with my blog last week.  We did talk a little this week. She did have me wear my rope bra to bed one night.  It did remind me who owns me though.

I am hoping for some play this week but who knows with her schedule still being stuck on days.  I do still however need to get my hair redyed pink because the color that my hairdresser used really did not take real well.  She is going to use a different brand and it should do it.

Well I hope this week is better.  Lets hope so anyway.

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 9th

Well it has been another week but this week Mistress had time for me, She has decided that it is time for a change in my hair color. The main portion of my hair will stay the same but the top portion will become pink.  This is to give me a more summer look.  Since I am a very fair skinned person and can not tan I am trying to stay a dark hair bimbo.  I have seen a picture of the look and it is very hot and look forward to it.  The hair extensions will be 26 inches quite long.

I have also been in touch with my body piercing place to find out what is going on with my Stirrups for my nipples.  It turns out that one of the techs there made a mistake in the size of my bars so they were having a hard time finding them.  They were suppose to contact me this weekend but have not.  so I will have to check in with them this coming week.

I also have to order my jeweled butt plug this week since I can finally afford it, Mistress is so happy about that.  I have a feeling I will be wearing it on No Panty Wednesday's for sure at the very least.

This week in my session with Mistress I think a suggestion did not work.  Mistress was not to happy or not want to talk about it.  I kind of know this because when our session was over they were on the sink but were not used.  The main thing I remember was that I was puffing a lot on my bimbo stick and was really feeling the effects from it.  During Southwest leather I had went out to get a liquid with nicotine for my bimbo stick.  So many of my friends were smoking I was finding myself wanting to ask for a cigarette that I decided to just get one bottle with nicotine and then go back down.  Well the stuff with nicotine was still in my bimbo stick and I was really feeling it in our session.  I also was really beginning to feel very girly girl, glammy. horny, sexy, needing to be obedient, and submissive, and a never ending desire to suck cock. These feelings since our session just continue to grow.  Ican't explain it and the giggling is making my subby wonder a little. 

I am also going to be in trouble.  I just realized it is after midnight which makes this post late.  Even though for me I still consider this Sunday until I go to sleep.  Which probably means I won't get any attention from Mistress this week.  Can't blame her just myself. Well till next week.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2nd

Well this week again kinda sucked .  Mistress seems to busy to have time for me or she just to busy with work.  She did talk with me for a few minutes hear and there.  She had me quote some phrases,  Pretty in pink no need to think, A Bimbo knows cravings grow.  The final one is Smoking will make a bimbos breast grow Mistress Alyssa says it is so.  Other than that we really have not talked except to comment on some photos.

I have joined just about every bimbo group on Fetlife and I also joined a number of enema groups.  I was hoping Mistress would comment on it but she has not.  So Thursday night I gave myself a enema with marshmallows and it was rather intense.  I told Mistress about it but she hardly commented on it.  It probably upset her me doing something by myself.

Well I hope this week will be better.  I feel so lonely with out her attention or training.  It keeps me engaged in my training.  She is really amazing how she gets into my mind and gets me on track with my bimbo training.

Lets hope this week will be better.  I am beginning to feel lost.